5 Things You Can Do to Improve a Computer’s Performance

Trying to do your work or have fun on a poorly performing computer is not ideal, to say the least. Random crashes, freezes, sluggishness, and other problems occur and get in your way.

Some people cannot be bothered to deal with these obstacles and decide to purchase a new computer. It is a decent option, particularly if your current computer is old.

On the other hand, not everyone can afford to spend money on a new device every time there is a problem with their current computer.

If you want to take a more pragmatic approach and troubleshoot performance issues on your computer, consider the suggestions below.

Start With the Dust Inside

You are bound to notice the dust inside a computer if the device is overheating and making loud noises. Or rather, the internal fans are making a loud noise.

It is not a good sign to have a computer running hot, especially if there are not that many background processes in the background.

Cleaning the dust inside a computer is a chore you have to do whether you want to or not. Otherwise, the issue will only snowball and reach a critical point, damaging the internal hardware. And if that happens, you will need to spend even more money to fix your problems.

Make Sure the System Is Malware-Free

Even if you consider yourself tech-savvy and find it easy to identify potential malware and other cybersecurity threats (shady URLs, suspicious email messages, etc.), it does not mean that your computer is completely protected from a virus attack.

Sure, knowing and identifying threats is crucial, but you should not underestimate modern hackers and what they can accomplish. Circumventing a computer system that is missing the necessary security tools is a piece of cake.

At the very least, your computer should have an enabled Firewall and reliable antivirus software like antivirus for MSP. And once you notice that the device is underperforming, run a disk scan and see if any of the computer files are corrupted. If the antivirus finds corrupted data, you want to get rid of potentially dangerous files right away.

Install OS Updates

Missing the latest operating system update is another example of a problem that you need to solve. 

Updating the OS ensures that the computer benefits from the latest features, security upgrades, and overall performance improvements.

Some users are reluctant to download and install an update because it takes too long. Others, meanwhile, are not too keen because they are using illegal OS and are afraid that an update will mess with the system, though that is an entirely different issue.

Ignore the fact that it might be a while to update the OS and do it because a missing update could be the exact reason why your computer is struggling to run optimally.

Get Rid of Drive Clutter

The clutter on your computer’s disk is a tricky thing to manage, particularly if you do not have a system to keep track of the data you store on the device.

For one, there are quite a few files you cannot see unless you adjust the computer’s settings. Temporary files like cache and extensions should be cleared on a regular basis.

Besides temporary storage, there are likely quite a few files on the computer’s drive that you can delete permanently. Old media, downloads, and localization data for software are a few examples.

Large media files are not something you must keep on the computer itself, particularly now when there are so many streaming services offering music, movies, and TV shows on the go. 

If you must keep certain files for yourself, then use external storage. Deleting computer data can only do so much. In certain cases, it might be more efficient to transfer some files to cloud storage or an external hard drive and a USB flash stick or two.

Get Accessories and Hardware Upgrades

Computer accessories and hardware upgrades are a good way to boost your device’s performance. On the other hand, it means spending money, which can be a bit of a challenge for someone on a tight budget.

Nevertheless, if the money is not that much of an issue, there are a few worthwhile considerations.

In terms of accessories, a cooling pad stands out as one of the best options if we are talking about better performance. An additional source of cool air can do wonders and prevent overheating.

Hardware, meanwhile, should be pretty clear. You want to focus on extra memory. Replacing the computer’s drive with a new SSD is an excellent step as well. Finally, if there is some money still left, you can consider a new graphics processing unit.

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