Does apple make something like  Microsoft teams  


So the answer is yes apple did make something like Microsoft teams and the software that apple  made is i work. Apple I work software offered different sites like Microsoft teams. Apple I work  software do real time editing using I cloud. Why do we use Microsoft teams?  

Its so obvious we use Microsoft teams for sharing files and to organize office meetings according  to their given schedule and also to sync with further office apps which are identical to one note,  skype, one drive for business purposes with the help of Microsoft teams we can make collaboration  and communication by sitting anywhere that’s why apple also launched its app I work which was  alternative to Microsoft teams the motive of apple was to replace Microsoft teams with it and the  apple I work software was more compatible with apple devices which was a positive point for I  work 

Apple also creating another version of teams in  apple devices  

Basically now apple company is expanding the productive universal binary version of the team to  ensure the compatibility and quality that company provide for the ease of their user. Their motive is  to create a such software which will work perfectly on all the Mac lineup and Apple silicon chips  which will upgrade the apple technology further more. 

The function of pages in I work software 

Apple I works use pages instead of team the pages here are refers to a very powerful word processor that make a very outstanding documents the main function and advantage of pages are  they consist of variety of tools that can be very usable during writing a document the user can add  different illustration and pictures even animated clips on its documents  

The user can do work on I work from anywhere its doesn’t matter which device you are using  whether its mac, iphone, ipad or pc with the help of iwork pages the group or a single individual  can work from anywhere on same documents or different documents

Numbers in iwork software 

I work software also provide another useful feature which is numbers this feature will helps its user  to create a document freely how basically its work  

So the numbers create a blank canvas on which the user has a total freedom to create or move  anything thing in any way he wants it to be its provide couple of features like bold, resize, font, etc  the function also provide all type of mathematical calculation and its very easy to add all kind of  graphs and table on the documents by very simple method in easy way as you want 

Keynote in I work software 

Keynote is also a very amazing feature of I work this feature is mostly used by a collaborative work  of a team in which a team or a single individual can create a very attractive documents its help to  add illustration, photos, animation, to create a very effective presentation the user can also create its costumized photos, illustration, animation just by using the apple pencil on MacBook, iphones  and other apple devices the presentation that are created by keynote are very beautiful and well  developed it takes ideas to next level by converting them into beautiful graphical representation  

Apple collaboration services 

Apple company has made many collaboration for its own betterment purposes. Apple made  collabs on a wide range these include comments and tracking via icloud. Apple knows how the  work done these days apple also collaborated with Microsoft teams 

Microsoft teams is installed on Mac, iphones and also on other apple devices it is also  approachable through apple browser user can freely install Microsoft teams if he want to

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