Can Your Business Benefit From Contact Center as a Service?

Can Your Business Benefit From Contact Center as a Service?

Contact center solutions aren’t just for call centers— Any company receiving inbound calls can use them to provide the best possible experience for customers and employees alike!

As tech and e-commerce elevate customer expectations, become increasingly integrated into all industries, and complicate billing protocols…call services for customer service, tech support, and billing sectors are more crucial to the success of a business than ever before.

Boost Your Customer Satisfaction With Scalable Cloud-Based Services

Old contact center solutions are becoming outdated, involving software maintenance and updates, call tolls, and technical infrastructure that is too rigid to support specific services. Customizability, visibility, and scalability are essential at this time…as is saving space, time, and money by transporting tech-based services to the cloud.

Cue Xima CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service)— Dynamic, scalable, and fully customizable call center services are right at your fingertips with this innovative cloud-based solution! Add Xima CCaaS to your company’s arsenal, and you will not only increase customer satisfaction while making life easier for your managers and employees but also:

  • Bypass the hassles of installed hardware and software by harnessing the nearest Google Kubernetes tower
  • Avoid call tolls through the use of simple extension codes
  • Be able to control all aspects of your call services through a simple and intuitive platform
  • Receive standard and customized reports and statistics in real-time without paying extra
  • Benefit from higher call retention rates, concurrent licensing, and the ability to see what agents are up to at any given time

Not a Call Center? You Could Still Use Superior Customer Support

Xima CCaaS allows you to set up your call services for success and shows you exactly what could use improvement…all while making it incredibly easy to make changes, implement new ideas, and customize dial options per customer. This can give a significant boost to the bottom line of any business, though clients in these industries often see the highest benefit:

  • IT
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Transportation
  • Professional Services

Xima Contact Center as a Service is a revolutionary solution to all your contact center struggles—offering custom real-time wallboards, callback assist, in-depth IVR, cradle-to-grave reporting, skills-based routing, automatic call distribution, interactive chat options, and so much more!

  • Customer Service

Do you receive calls about retail orders or customer questions and complaints regarding your products or services? Xima CCaaS can pave a smooth pathway to successful order processing and problem resolution!

Through this solution, callers are offered straightforward options including callback assist, and they are automatically routed to the agent that is most adept in the subject of their call. The agent chosen can then easily record and access all information about the customer on a custom wallboard in real time, cultivating satisfaction with ease.

If the selected agent remains busy for longer than anticipated, superior customer service can still be provided through Xima’s customizable solution— Just specify a wait limit and they will be rerouted to the next best agent as soon as time is up.

  • Tech Support

Does your company offer IT support? After a customer purchases your software or subscribes to your online services, it is important to be highly available to support them. That way, you can solve any issues that come up as soon as possible!

Addressing each call in a timely manner requires sufficient call distribution and that each is routed to the appropriate agent. Doing so manually or with software that has not been tailored to your products and services can take a lot of time and ultimately result in less-than-stellar service.

Xima CCaaS eliminates these pain points so you can carve out a path to a speedy resolution and satisfactory service for every customer that calls in. If an agent runs into a snag, they can easily contact other agents within their company and call the customer back with this dynamic solution.

  • Billing

Do you receive phone calls regarding payments or billing requests? These should be given extra care so your operations and reputation stay in good shape. This is especially true of healthcare offices, where providing patients with a positive experience can lead to a higher number of referrals.

If calls are dropped or customers have a hard time contacting the correct department, account management can be quite a hassle. Xima CCaaS simplifies the whole process with in-depth IVR, customizable dial actions per client, and automatic call distribution that allows retention to soar.

If clients are not left smiling after they call in, even the business of a trusted dentist that creates beautiful smiles can’t bloom. The sooner you take care of every request, the less time and resources you will have to spend reaching out to patients about their bills. Then, you can spend them on facilitating optimal health with compassion and skill instead.

The customer call experience is essential to businesses across industries. Customize every part of yours on the intuitive Xima interface, and you will also receive real-time statistics on exactly what you want to see. That way, you can easily ascertain just how well your approach and agents are performing and make changes in real time to cultivate an even better experience for every caller.

The options are endless with Contact Center as a Service— Cultivate better customer satisfaction while saving time and money with this scalable cloud-based solution, and both your bottom line and brand awareness will start to bloom.

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