How does career counselling help working professionals in their career development?

Settling in life with a high-paid job and assets is a dream for many. Let me narrate to you a scenario. You started working hard from your school days to get placed in your dream company and position. You picked up the related stream in school and the right course in college. You pushed yourself harder to excel from others. Somehow you got into the campus interview with high points and grabbed the dream job you have always wanted. Now imagine the job being unsatisfactory. How do you feel? You spent nearly a decade getting into this job, and now it doesn’t suit you. You feel so stuck, and you will start hating yourself, asking, what did I miss? Where did I go wrong? This outline is the plight of many working professionals. Career counselling by Best Career Counselling in India for workers helps them in various ways. A high-paying job is not the only factor to consider before getting into the post. There are many other things to be taken care of and noted. 

Career counselling for working professionals? How does it help?

There is a stigma that career counselling is only limited to school and college students. But, no! Level-up employees. Career counselling is for all, not limiting to a specific age group. But the guidance to the working professionals significantly differs from the usual counselling given to the students and graduates. Scenarios where a worker becomes unhappy with his job, hesitate about switching his position, lacks engagement in the workplace, is confused about doing a master’s degree, or doubtful about starting a new venture indicate that he needs proper professional guidance. 

There are many reasons for the employee to get career counselling. The first and foremost reason is that many employees do not change their life, continuing to suffer whatever they are already going through. Without work-life balance, they tend to get depressed, stressed and frustrated. The dis-satisfactory factor affects their organisation’s growth and also their personal life. Apart from this, developing an inferiority complex, lack of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness are secondary reasons for the substandard feeling. 

Let’s talk about the benefits of career counselling for working professionals:

  • Exposure to enormous opportunities- Career counselling exposes working professionals to numerous openings available and makes them think out of the box. Career counsellors of the Career Counselling in Chandigarh also give tips to improve the skills required to grab the chances. Your mentor will also make suggestions based on your skills, abilities, values, personality and interests. 
  •  Assist in switching their jobs- Times when there was a need to hold on to a job, even after it turned out to be toxic, are long gone. Nowadays, people prefer to work in a peaceful environment, with a suitable work culture and where they have a work-life balance. But they have a fear of taking the first step of resigning. Career counselling helps workers escape the stressful environment and boosts them with positivity, motivation and a few backup options.
  • Work or a Master’s degree?-  This is a common question for most working professionals. Once they get settled in a high-paying job, employees either leave their dream to pursue a master’s degree or develop hesitation regarding whether to continue with work or leave the job to do higher studies. Career counselling addresses such situations and lists all the pros and cons of working and studying. Counsellors will only make suggestions and do not influence or force or compel the employees to do anything. 
  • Help keep your depression and stress at bay- The toxic work environment causes depression, strain, and frustration among working professionals. These add-ons play a crucial role in making the employees turn inefficient. Career counselling by Career Counselling in India addresses such issues and provides realistic and workable solutions. It teaches workers about the significance of life skills and ways to practice them.
  • Funk up your energy- Career counselling help change your boring career life into an exciting one. If you are least interested in what you are doing in your life or need a boost, career guidance can be the one-stop solution. By taking advice from mentors, one can improve their overall personality and enhance their confidence levels. 

Career counselling and career development in working professionals:

Career counselling plays a crucial role in shaping the career developmental lane of fresh graduates and working professionals. Here are a few pointers on how career guidance enhances employees’ career development. 

  1. Aid in your job search:

If you are a fresh graduate and searching for jobs, then career counselling can help you. You might have a fear of unemployment and even develop an inferiority complex, and chances that you might start doubting your skills. Career guidance helps the graduates filter the jobs based on their interests, passion, abilities, skills, values, strengths, weaknesses and personalities to avoid such complex circumstances. They also help you build an effective resume and enhance your interviewing skills by teaching you the answers and techniques to handle nervousness. 

  1. Provide Mid-career advice:

Once you have joined your preferred job in a dream company, you will be contented. But it does not stop there. You will stay stagnant if you do not take any measures to get promotions or hikes. Career counselling by the Best Career Counselling in Chandigarh gives fixes to tackle such situations and helps workers move forward on their career ladder. They provide tips and techniques to improve their performance and teach the importance of mingling and maintaining a healthy relationship with co-workers and the boss. They also teach you problem-solving skills, decision-making skills, etc., which showcases you in the front when it comes to a hike in the salary. 

  1. Gives a hand if you lose the job:

Losing a job is the biggest fear of all employees. Surviving the probation period and sustaining handling all the pressure is an art. But sometimes, things happen outside our hands, and we cannot help it. An employee who has lost their job can develop many psychological issues. It can be heavy to take, and there are high chances for them to hate themselves, doubt their ability, grow the fear of losing their identity, get a phobia of managing the expenses until finding the next job, etc. Career counselling addresses such situations by motivating and encouraging them to find better jobs than before. It also moulds the employees by enhancing the skills required for the second job. 

Wrap Up:

Career counsellors from Career Counselling in India are unbiased, non-judgemental and certified mentors to address all the working professionals’ career-related queries and doubts. Guidance sessions can be an eye-opening event for the employees to improve their overall personality and support their change of abandoning the stressful environment, encouraging them to go for higher studies or a doctorate, etc. 

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