How Much Does It Cost to Build a Gaming PC: 4 Considerations

The costs to build a custom desktop computer for gaming vary depending on multiple factors. 

Ultimately, the more money you have to spare, the better your options are. Of course, people with experience also have it easier because they know which parts are compatible and where you can get them for cheaper.

Of course, that is just a small part of the whole thing. If you are asking how much does it cost to build a gaming PC, this article should cover some of the basics that inexperienced people ought to consider.

Alternatives to a Gaming PC?

First of all, let’s take a short look at some of the potential alternatives to a custom-built gaming computer.

One thing that stands out immediately is pre-built computers. There is a market for such an approach, obviously, because gamers still want a desktop computer, but they do not want to bother building one from scratch.

Laptops are an interesting idea as well. If you are used to MS Windows, do not bother getting a MacBook. It takes a while to learn how macOS works. Be it learning how to access /usr/local/bin, installing apps and updates, or learning keyboard shortcuts, the effort is not worth it, given how lackluster Macs for gaming are.

As for gaming laptops like the ones manufactured by Alienware, the price is quite high, and you would get a much better deal hardware-wise by building a custom PC.

Finally, there are consoles. While offering plenty in the gaming industry, Xbox and PlayStation do not offer the same gaming experience you would find on a proper custom-built PC.

Seeking Help to Build the Computer

You can spend time researching the internet and looking up various video guides to get a better idea of what parts are compatible and so on. Asking questions directly on forums and platforms like Reddit should give you plenty of information as well.

However, you might still find yourself in a situation where you cannot build a computer despite having all the parts near you.

The costs of trying to build a computer yourself could come in terms of how much time and effort you have to put into it. Not to mention that wrong assembly could lead to hardware breakdowns, leaving you with another issue to manage.

Learning is a valuable experience, but if you are not that confident in your own skills, do not hesitate and seek professional help. There should be plenty of people near you who specialize in computers and building one for them should not be a problem.

Sure, you will need to pay for the service, but at least you can feel confident that your computer will be built properly (so long as you hire someone who actually knows what they are doing)

The Question of Second-Hand Parts

There is no doubt that assembling a desktop computer from second-hand hardware is much cheaper than assembling one from brand-new hardware. 

However, such an approach is bound to cost you in the future. There is no telling how long used computer hardware will last. Sure, some brands and components are quite durable, but you cannot count on them.

Perhaps the only justification for buying really cheap computer hardware is to use it as practice. You can learn to build custom computers without worrying about wasting money if the parts are cheap. Not to mention that you have plenty of room to test and even fail because the losses are not going to be significant.

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Delays in Part Shipping

The last thing to consider is how you might struggle to find specific parts. Whether it is someone else or yourself who does the hardware and other component selection, make sure that the parts are not out of stock. 

If you have a build in mind but cannot find specific components, prepare to spend time researching various sellers and checking if they have what you are looking for. In some cases, it might be better to get in touch with suppliers directly because the information they have on their websites might not be updated.

Ideally, a store you are ordering the computer from should be the sole provider of the parts and have everything ready. Dealing with multiple suppliers is a pain, but if you cannot avoid that, you will have to stick to it.


All in all, there are a lot of things that go into building a custom PC for gaming. If you do not want to build it yourself, you should still find someone who can help you because the option is superior to buying pre-built computers or used computers. 

As for other alternatives, such as laptops or gaming consoles, they have their pros, but if you are ultimately trying to get a custom-built PC, considering those options does not really make a lot of sense.

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