How to Outsource App Development to Ensure the Healthy Growth of Your Business

Outsourcing app development needs to an outside team can become a nightmare. Many mobile app development outsourcing companies promise a quick turnaround or time-to-market and an endless pool of developers and tech specialists; however, everyone talks the big talk when it comes to app development, but may soon leave you hanging with poorly written codes, applications with serious security loopholes, and tons of money down the drain. 

Most companies ask how to outsource app development

The simple answer: Hire the best team/person at the best rate, and ensure that you follow up with project development. It’s, however, not as easy as it sounds, especially when you are a non-techy CEO. 

Application development outsourcing takes work — natural and unavoidable work. But it’s essential to break down the process.

  1. Define the specification/scope of the project.
  2. Look for a team.

Define the Specification/scope of the project

You have the vision, but you must clearly define the vision so that the development team can interpret your needs and build the mobile application of your dreams. Follow these steps when defining your project specifications:

  1. Speak to developers: Mobile app developers are often generous with information if they feel you want to hire them. Of course, you would eventually hire one developer but speaking to at least a dozen developers will give you a scope of what you really need. For example, if you want to build a mobile application that helps medical doctors organize their shifts, you should speak to developers who have done such projects or relative ones. You can also speak with medical doctors, nurses, and even patients. An idea might seem grandly reasonable in your head but might not solve any real needs. 
  2. Define the Results: What type of app do you hope to get at the end of the project? Check out close competitors; set your USP; define your target market and what makes you different. 
  3. Speak to your in-house development team: If you have an in-house team, it’s a plus because you can run ideas through them. Even if you have to keep the app process confidential, you can still speak with them and get their views on what it would take to hire the best at a competitive rate. 

Looking for a Team For application development outsourcing

When you want to outsource app development, working with a team that is not only exceptional but also understands your vision will shorten the time to market. Follow these tips to get the best team:

Define What You Want in a Team or an Individual Developer

A mobile app developer should have diverse skills. Besides writing the low code, a developer can build his business management, security, marketing, and customer service skills, such that he may remain with the business even after the development process is over. 

Programming Language

Whether you outsource the hiring process to a mobile app development outsourcing team or you do the outsourcing yourself, it’s crucial to hire a developer with extensive programming language skills, especially programming languages that pertain to app development. 

Programming language skills for mobile app developers include C++, JavaScript, and C#. A programmer with more extensive skills is a plus. 

Cross-Platform Coding Skill

A developer with cross-platform coding skills can re-use code, move from web applications to mobile applications, and can operate efficiently on any application model. 

Backend Computing

Backend computing, like framework and data management, are important skills a mobile app developer should have. While you may not see an all-around developer, you should ask the mobile app development company to provide a list of the employees that would work on the project. It’s important to confirm that the company you assign your project to has the technical personnel to execute the project. Knowledge of frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular is paramount. 

Database Management

Database management skills, from expert knowledge of software-hardware interaction and the ability to decode and repair hardware issues from software behavior, are important. 

Another vital factor to consider for application development outsourcing is extensive security knowledge. It’s an unsaid rule to separate the QA team from the development team; however, if you work with a team that can help you frequently debug your system, it’s a plus.

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