Make Smart Hires to Grow Your Business

Short of being the only employee on your payroll, you want to do all you can to make one good hire after another.

That thought in mind, have you tended to make good hires over time?

From the fractional CTO guiding your tech to the sales people you have and more, you want to be smart in hiring. If you make one too many bad hires again and again, it can have a definite negative impact. That is on your finances and the ability to do business in the first place.

So, is it time to refocus your efforts when it comes to hiring?

Take Your Time When Looking to Add Talent

In your quest to put the right people in the right positions more times than not, take your time.

Too many employers at times feel compelled to rush the process. As a result, they can miss some potential concerns or even red flags as it relates to prospects. Your goal is to know as much as you can about a prospect. Knowing as much of their history as possible works in your favor at the end of the day.

In hiring people, you want first of all to know what their character is like.

Yes, they can be the most experienced person in the lot of people applying to you. That said, they could in turn be the worst fit for you when you get right down to it.

Also look at what they will bring to the table as far as being team players.

Many companies, especially those on the smaller side of things, rely on teams to get the job done day after day. As such, you need people willing to roll up their sleeves and work with others on the team.

Along with being team players, you want folks who will be good around other people.

Some employees will have little to no contact with customers. That said, they still often interact with co-workers. As a result, personalities do matter at the end of the day more than you might realize.

So, do the best you can to put people in place who will have personalities you do not have to worry about. That is they do not have issues such as anger management and more.

Last, as you look to go about staying up to speed with competitors, do not lose sight of the importance of tech.

As noted earlier, having the right person and people for that matter working on your tech efforts is key.

Given many folks use a sizable amount of tech in their daily lives, odds are they are going to expect the same out of you. If you are falling short in the tech department, it can have a negative impact on your ability to do business. It can also paint you in a bad light with many consumers.

In doing all you can to make smart hires to grow, how confident are you in the decisions made and will be made down the road?

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