The Importance of Delivery Service in E-commerce

Running an e-commerce business? If so, there are a lot of factors that you as the business owner should be focusing on to ensure that your online business runs smoothly. Among these many factors, there is the delivery of goods to customers. People’s behaviors have changed drastically over the years and almost every single person focuses primarily on their convenience which means that they tend to engage with businesses that make their lives easier. 

Importance of Delivery for Your Business

The delivery service of your e-commerce business is a direct influencer of the convenience factor of your customers. Long ago, there were only a few delivery options to choose from and those available delivery options took a good 3-7 or even 7-14 days in some cases to deliver goods to customers. Those days are long gone now and with the advancements in technology and infrastructure, there are more efficient delivery services for customers to choose from.

Also, the delivery is a part of your business, customers think of your delivery services as part of their overall buying experience and if you mess up here, your business will take a major hit even though all other parts of your business process are working smoothly.

With that said, in this day and age, if you are not providing your online customers with delivery options, you are definitely going to lose customers and they will go for one of your competitors who does offer a range of delivery options for them to choose from which will make their lives more convenient.

For example, in your checkout pages, you can add several delivery options such as same-day delivery, next-day delivery, or standard delivery for the customer to choose from. Let’s say that a customer chose same-day delivery, and let’s say your business is located in Milton Keynes in the UK. You can hire a Milton Keynes same-day delivery service and get the goods delivered to the customer on the same day. You also got nothing to worry about the profit margins as well because you can add an extra delivery cost for these premium delivery options as well. 

Ways to improve your e-commerce delivery service

Now that you know the importance of delivery service for your e-commerce business, let’s see how you can improve your delivery service to your customers for the greater benefit.

  1. Offer a variety of delivery options

This will not come as a surprise as we have already briefly covered this in the “importance of delivery for your business” section. In the current time, people are always opting in for the business that provides the most options that will make the lives of people easier. By offering a variety of delivery options for your customers to choose from, you do exactly that. For example, let’s say that there is a customer that needs the goods you’re selling urgently, if you offer a range of delivery services such as same-day delivery, that customer will opt in for the same-day delivery service and fulfill their need. This will make sure e-commerce business comes out as a trusted business to them and they will without a doubt become returning customers as you made their lives easier.  The same goes for people that are not in a hurry, they can opt-in for the standard delivery option and expect their delivery within the standard delivery dates.

  1. Choose a good courier company

It does not matter if you run all the other elements of your business properly if you don’t choose a good courier company. The courier company is the final touch point in a customer’s buying journey with your business, and if there is something wrong with that final touch point, your entire business process gets affected. Therefore, it is very important that you choose a good reliable courier company to deliver your goods to customers. When choosing a courier company, you should always focus on three main things, the flexibility of their service, the service costs, and the customer service.

  1. Delivery tracking

Offering delivery tracking to customers is also another great way to keep your customers happy and keep the business booming. When you offer delivery tracking, you directly put the customer’s mind at ease as they know that they will be able to track the delivery and make sure it gets delivered without any issues. This is a delivery option that most e-commerce businesses don’t offer but one that customers love to have. Therefore, if you seriously want to get a competitive edge over your competitors, we recommend you offer delivery tracking to your customers.

  1. Delivery costs

We all love free things, as this is the case if you can offer free delivery to customers there is going to be a wider retention rate. This does not mean that you should sell your goods online at a loss. You can offer free delivery for orders over a certain amount where there is a higher profit margin for you to offer free delivery. Also, offering free delivery is a great marketing technique if you are a new and upcoming e-commerce store to attract customers.

There you go, you now know how important delivery service is to your e-commerce business and the way you can improve it for better performance. We also now hope that you will put this valuable information you learned here in your business process and take your business to the next level. 

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