5 Videos Every Small Business Needs In 2022

How do you dominate the game while competing with other companies or well-established businesses? The answer to this is simple: crisp and clear videos!

Five hundred million viewers watch 100 million hours of video content on Facebook every single day! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily. The numbers are immensely high. If your brand wants to gain that edge, this is the perfect opportunity and skill to invest in. Right now, most social media platforms are flooded with videos and video content creators, but only the ones who can think outside the box remain at the top! The influence of video content these days has crossed the roof, and knowing the art of creating professional and engaging videos can take your business to unseen heights.

Video content in 2022 has made up more than 82% of consumer internet traffic. According to this data, video content data is 15 times higher than in 2017.

Marketers witness great results from increasing sales to having more eyes on the brand through video marketing. Brands have started investing heavily in content marketing due to this tremendous conversion rate. They find it easy to communicate and educate their customers about the product or the service they sell via fun and interactive videos. Video content also helps them get good SEO results; therefore, leveraging video content is effective for most businesses.

Let us understand why video marketing has been so successful in recent years:

  1. Effortless: Watching video content is indeed effortless. Just gaze at the screen, and all the information is being conveyed to you by the creator.
  2. More engagement: Videos are engaging as you get to listen to a story with smooth editing and visually appealing graphics.
  3. Connected audience: While watching a video, it feels that the creator is talking directly through the screen.
  4. Video > Text: The audience is more likely to retain 95% of your message if it’s in a video format, compared to 10% in the text format.
  5. Survey claims: Surveys from legitimate sources claim that videos helped businesses by:
  • 70% more brand awareness
  • 51% more traffic
  • 34% increased sales

Ultimately it boils down to the fact that if you are looking for an operative and affordable marketing strategy, you should check out video marketing or content creation in general.

Now, when we know why video content creation works wonders for revenue, let’s look at how to create videos and what points to be kept in mind.

Irrespective of what goals you have with your business, whether it is generating more revenue or expanding the business, video marketing can help you achieve both! After a study, Heinz Marketing claims that video marketing is 600 per cent more effective than printing or mailing ad campaigns combined. 

5 Awesome video ideas that you should try and experiment with:

The video content industry can be intimidating. There is no single proper way or approach, to begin with. You have to try various things to find what matches your niche or what suits you the best. 

  1. Company introduction video (Story format): Depicting the journey of your brand or business will let customers connect more to the products or services. The main ingredient of creating a touching video is a good story. Convey the brand’s story through its journey, history, why and how the brand started, and what its goals are. Stories drive human emotions. It will help your customers validate your brand and attract new customers or leads. Tell people about the company’s culture, the work ethics and values, and the morals to make people understand your stance better.
  1. How-To videos: Explaining to your audience the actual use of your product or how they can use it to solve various issues is seriously underrated content. Everyone loves learning new stuff. Creating these videos helps you grow as a brand and add more value to people’s lives. How-To Videos build affinity with current customers and help them better understand your product or service.
  1. Customer reviews or Client testimonials: Word of mouth is the most effective marketing strategy. Customer testimonials help new clients to trust you as a brand. And there is nothing wrong with showcasing happy customer stories. Simply record short videos of your customers, asking them about what their experience has been with your brand. These videos give your upcoming customers a sense of reassurance and increase the chances of purchasing your product.
  1. Niche videos or podcasts: Creating educational videos or creating videos around interesting topics are evergreen videos. They will not only help the audience understand a particular concept but will be relevant to people for a long time. In these videos, what matters the most is the information delivered or the content. These videos do not require a lot of heavy editing as well. Proactive information gathering and shooting the video is all that’s needed.
  1. Factory or set-up tours (behind the scenes): Facility tours or set-up tours are great pieces of content. Let your customers peek into how the products are made and who are the people behind the curtain. YouTube is filled with these kinds of videos, which all work. These videos will add variety to your content. Your team makes your business possible. People cannot relate to an identity-less business. Introduce all the team members to everyone and let them know how the team rolls out stuff! ‘A day at the office!’ can be an excellent video template.

Wrap up:

Creating diverse video experiences for the viewers is highly recommended. Photos are overdone these days; with the help of videos, you get hold of a killer strategy to promote your business and eventually generate higher revenue. Creating a memorable video experience for the viewers is the best and easiest way to step up your marketing game. Videos make your brand more relatable to the audience, and the more people connect or relate with your brand, the more profits can be made.

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