Why DUCKDUCKGO is bad 


DUCKDUCKGO is a private browser. Duckduckgo was developed by duck duck go, inc it is an  American company and the owner is Gabriel Weinberg. The duckduckgo browser claims that they  will provide you online protection which include things like privacy protection, tracking cookies,  protection, encryption provision and many other things but its only a claim there is no proof of that  the browser will really provide you this facilities and It does not collect your data.There are also  many disadvantages of this browser which you need to know before using it. The matter of fact is  that there is many chances that the company itself is tracking your data and your identity is not as  private as you think there are certain facts and logical reason behind it which you will read further  and proof their some claims to be fake. 

How duckduckgo works 

According to duckduckgo they provide you secret identity and protection by connecting you to the  encrypted version of the websites which provides you totally secret identity  

But the fact is that only 50% websites provide encryption rest comes without encryption how  technically duckduckgo provide us secret identity on those websites which has no encryption and  they have no reason or proof which they give us about that websites 

Disadvantages of using duckduckgo 

1. Duckduckgo does not provide you total  privacy 

The duckduckgo does not provide you as much privacy as you think because its work with  connecting you to encrypted sites and there are still many sites without encryption and duckduckgo  claims that its hide your ip adress but if you search my ip on duckduckgo search engine you will be  able to see your ip on different websites  

One of their claims is that they provide protection from cookies tracking but there is a cookie option  in a browser it self which describes that this option will minimize cookies popup but if you click on  accept cookies duckduckgo then what? There is no answer of that from the company

2. Its provide less services compare to other  search engine  

All the other search engine like google, bing, firefox etc provide variety of service and tools you can  use for your ease but that’s not the case with duckduckgo search engine the the services and tools  provide by duckduckgo are comparatively very low for just for example if we compare google and  duckduckgo 

The services that google search engine provide are page info, history, direct login, visited sites,  recommendations and much more which is not the case with duckduckgo the searches on this  browser is not as optimized as other browser you may not find what you are looking for but the  

other search engine are more well optimized which will provide you the most related and best  results for your search 

3. Security concern in duckduckgo  

One of the biggest flaw in this search engine is that it does claim as a secure browser but it don’t  provide us a security against malware, viruses , online attacks from website, and the huge dangers  like data stealing, hacking. They have no security strong security system from these majors threat  but the other engine like google are much safer in this case they provide you almost the total  security against these threats. If duckduckgo claims to be the safest search engine and browser than how will they elaborate this biggest flaw in their search engine if they provide us privacy and  secret identity then how come the viruses and dangers like online attacks, data steal can still be  able to occur isn’t that a bit curious and still they have again no evidence about it that you will find 

4. Duckduckgo revenue depends upon  advertising and how its bad to you 

Now the search engine duckduckgo claims to block google and other advertising which can track  you but the revenue of the search engine it self depends on advertising. Advertisement will pop-up  on your screens and when you click on that ads the ads take you to the webpages that are not  secure 

Those webpages on which you go on by clicking on ads may contain virus, malwares, attacking  and fun fact is that the ads from which duckduckgo generates revenue took you to the website  which are not encrypted and those websites are mostly dangerous and contains many internet  threat that can done you a damage. Which lead us to conclusion 

The search engine claiming to be safe, secure, private which provides safety from google ads and  other ads also generates its revenue from ads on which if you click it can endanger your personal  data so exactly how duckduckgo is safe and private if the browser work like this and all these facts  raise a question against duckduckgo itself 

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