Why Would Tumbex Get Rid of a Blog?

Introduction of Tumbex 

Tumbex.com is a website which is specially created for tumblr. Tumblr is a social media where  user can post a lot of material like memes, photos, videos, tumblogs, links, sounds all the post that  are posted on tumblr can be viewed or searched by tumbex and tumbex also saves these post there are might some of the post on tumblr that you might not be able see but with the help of  tumbex that posts can be visible just by searching and tumbex main tools are providing like grid  selection, sorting and filtering post, selecting layout tumbex can be accessed through any browser  

How tumbex works 

So basically the user can search anything through tumbex provided search bar and then user can  save or exchange the photos, videos, audio, text anything they want they want to be 

Reasons why tumbix get rid of its blog feature  #1 blogging on tumblr is getting dead 

Once tumblr was very famous for its micro blogging. There were a lot of tumblr user back in 2017 but then Tumblr imposed ban on nwfs in 2018 which dropped the user of tumblr by 30% and from  then the user on tumblr are getting dropped due to certain reason one of the certain is now there  are many alternative software and website to tumblr which provides much better features and the  blogging on tumblr vs blogging on other platforms. The blogging on other platforms is proven much  beneficial and the user from tumblr shifted to the other platforms how that exactly damage  tumbex?

Since we know the tumbex is totally depends upon the tumblr posts and because of the reasons  there not not that much blogger left on tumblr and there is fewer blog posting on tumblr then before  which directly affects the tumbex blogging feature that could be the one of the reason of tumbex  getting rid of blogging feature  

Alternatives of tumblr and tumbex 

The Blogging now a days is drastically expanding more and more types of blogging and blogging  platforms are getting introduced with amazing features which makes blogging very easier. No  experience required on these websites to do blogging and even many of them require no cost or  very less cost with hogh benefits to do blogging 

Similarly alternatives of tumbex like bing, yandex and many others which provides features that  are more efficient and easy to use as compare to tumbex and There are also alternative of tumblr  came which damaged the tumblr badly these include redit, medium, printest and others due to  these most of the user shifted to these platforms leaving tumblr empty handed because these  platforms provides more features and a handsome amount of earning from blogs as compare tumblr. Since the tumbex is made for tumblogs that did a negative impact on tumbex 

maybe tumbex wants to introduce something  new 

As we know tumbex is connected to tumblr. So that’s mean if Tumblr will go down tumbex will also  go down along with it. In order to avoid this maybe tumbex is now working on its other features like  photo exchanging and downloading and the monthly cost they have to spent on the blog feature  they will save it and spent it on theirs other features to make them more efficient and upgrade  tumbex. 

Another motive of tumbex could be slowly slowly totally cut ropes with tumblr and become an  independent website which will introduce new features for new platforms that will help tumbex to  get to the summit point again behind that no one knows the real reason and the website doesn’t  give any anwer on this matter but according to analysis we will find about it very soon 

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